Hello Guys! Today We are back again With another article for our visitors. In this article, We are Going to Share Apple New Features for the Apple App Store. Apple App Store feature allow You to Preorder apps before they release and have them automatically download upon their release.

Apple App Store Feature

Apple App Store Feature:

Apple launched this Simple features for all iOS App Store Users in which iOS users now pre-order apps before they are released for download. Developers Put their Apps on App Store for Pre-Order, 90 Days in Advance before Releasing. Users will be notified once the App Released, and the App Will be automatically Start Downloading On their Device. You Can Pre-order both Paid & Free Apps on App Store. This Feature is only available for Apple Platforms (iOS, macOS, and tvOS).

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Apple AppStore PreOrder Feature

Google also offered the Similar feature on their Android Play store, allowing the customer to “pre-register” for an app release. That feature only notifies customers when an app is available, though — it doesn’t let them lock in a pre-order price and have it automatically download.

Developers can offer both free and paid preorders. In case of Paid Apps, if the Price Changes, customers will be charged whichever is lower: the price they preordered it at, or the price at launch. They won’t be charged until the app downloads.

Users Will be Able to See the App’s Page On App Store before the app is released. Users can Order the App in advance whether it’s a paid & Free App. Once the app officially Released on App Store, User will be notified and the app will automatically Start Downloading to Your iOS Device. In case of Paid App, You will be charged before Download.

Developers of the apps will be able to Submit a Version Update and the Pricing during the Pre-order Period. If the Price Changes then You Don’t Need to Worry about it. You Will be charged the Lower Amount. You Can check out the list of All the Pre-Order apps On App Store After December 11. So, Do Check it out and Pre-Order Your favorite App.


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