Hello Guys, hope you are doing well. So, today we are going to share another trick to recover disabled Facebook Account for free. It’s not an easy task to recover disabled Facebook account but don’t worry our today tricks help you to recover your facebook account easily. Just you need to appeal for your Facebook account and wait for their reply. Nowadays, Facebook is very strict and their rules and regulations are very strict now just because of fake profiles on Facebook. Facebook recently deleted Millions of fake accounts from Facebook to clean facebook. Those people who are using a fake account and now banned from Facebook without any notice. Whenever its happen to any user then they start searching on Google for methods to get their disabled account back. So, today we are going to share tricks to recover disabled Facebook Account for free.

Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Website where more than 2 Billions active users monthly. Many times they disable your Facebook Account with any notice. There are lots of reason for disabling your account but don’t worry we are going to share some tricks that help you to recover your disabled account easily. So, keep reading this article until the end.

My personal account was disabled“, is the most irritated page Facebook show us. Nowadays, Facebook Disable lots of Fake profile from Facebook. To solve this issue, users start searching their solution from Google How to Recover disabled Facebook Account to find out the method to resolve their issue. But there is only one solution which is to apply Appeal form. Yes, you need to fill Disabled Account Appeal-ID request to get your disabled account back. Just appeal and wait for their response regarding your account.

So, don’t worry we are here to help you. So, in this article, we are going to share Trick to Get your Disabled Account on Facebook for free. If you using your account for more than 3-4 years then am sure this is very important for you. So, don’t worry now. We will help you to get your account back. Just keep reading!

How To Open Disabled Facebook Account?

Recover Disabled Facebook Account
Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Basically, lots of people think that their account is permanently banned from facebook but it’s not true. Due to some reason, Facebook blocks your account just for the temporary period of time. Just you need to fill the Facebook Appeal-ID form to get your disabled account back. So, keep reading and follow our step by step guide to solve your issue.

Recover Facebook Disabled Account
Recover Facebook Disabled Account

If you are getting this type of error then don’t worry. We are here to help you to recover your account back. There are lots of reason Facebook may be disabled from your Facebook account. Some reason is given below-

  • Fake Profile Name
  • Using Stylish font
  • Posting Content That Violated Facebook Terms & Conditions

In that case, just you need to follow our step by step guide to get your account back. It is only one way to get your account back otherwise you may lose your Facebook account permanently. So, keep reading our article until the end. All Steps are important so don’t skip it.  Check How to Create a single name account on Facebook.

How to Re-open & Recover Disabled Facebook ID?

  • First of All, You have to Visit Facebook Appeal ID Form from below link

Disabled Account Appeal

  • Now Enter your registered Email ID, Original Name which you used on the account and attach a Valid original Govt. ID Proof with same Name & DOB on it.Here is what types of Govt. Proofs Facebook supports:
    • Green Card, Residence Permit or Immigration Papers
    • Birth Certificate
    • Voter ID Card
    • Personal or Vehicle Insurance Card
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Official Name Change Paperwork

If you are below 18 and don’t have any ID from these, you can upload this one also:

  • Credit card
  • Utility bill
  • School or work ID
  • Library card
  • Check
  • Bus card

3) Here is how this “Facebook disabled account appeal form” looks like:

Facebook account disabled reactivate
Facebook account disabled reactivate

4) Now, Enter all the necessary details correctly in the form and at last, click on Send button.

5) It will successfully Submit your form for Review and show you the message like this:

Recover Facebook Blocked Account
Recover Facebook Blocked Account

So, finally, your form has been submitted. Now you have to just wait for their response. They will soon re-activate your disabled Facebook account within 7 Days. So, just wait and watch. This is really the best way to recover Facebook Disabled Account and as well as easy trick also. So, follow our guide and enjoy.


So, this is the only single trick to recover disabled Facebook account within few Days. All just you need any real Govt. ID proof which I need to submit on your Appeal-ID form. After that just you need to wait for their reply. I hope you will get your account back. Basically, most people will get their account back within few days and am also sure you will get your account too. One important thing is that you need to put only correct details otherwise they will not going to unblock your account. So, check again before submitting.

If you have any question or query then comment below, I will surely help you to recover disabled Facebook Account. Just comment down your problem and issue while submitting then I will try to reply to your comment as soon as possible.




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